It’s tough, when your kids are tiny, to leave them, even for a little while. Dance classes can start for children at a very young age, sometimes as young as 2 or 3. Most parents aren’t ready to leave kiddos alone with anyone but a most trusted family member or caregiver.

We understand you might be worried about leaving your little one with us for their dance lesson...

But please, don’t be. The truth is, our students focus best on learning when it’s just them and a teacher in the room.

A teacher in a class with no parent observers gets more done, receives better responses from the kids, and builds trust and rapport faster than a class with parents watching.

Our dance classes are a super safe and super fun introduction to dance

At only 30-45 minutes they’re short, sweet, and the kids are engaged at every moment. Your child builds confidence and self-esteem and apart from dancing, they also learn about lining up, taking turns, listening to the teacher, following 3-5 part instructions. All valuable school readiness skills. We encourage your little one to be cooperative and sociable in a nurturing environment.


But, I’m just watching quietly... Are you sure I can’t stay?

Yep, we’re sure. For kids this size, their parent is their shining light, their focus point. For them to concentrate on learning steps, or following a leader or moving to the music, they need to focus. If you’re just across the room they can’t separate and neither can they learn. They’ll watch you, your reactions, your expressions. Some kids are more emotional when their parents are watching, which can be tough on everyone.

Don’t forget the other kids in the class either. Some might be uncomfortable with strange parents watching and not get the most out of their lesson.


Our December and June end of year recitals are also a great time to watch your dancer in action and see their growth. It’s natural to worry about your child’s safety when you’re not with them. Here’s what we’d like you to know about our classes and our school so you can comfortably leave your little one with us.


Our staff has background checks from the Virginia State Police.  They are homegrown teachers, meaning they have roots with the studio, several even started dancing as tots and now have grown into fabulous teachers that hold the studio standards and practices in the highest regard. 

We supervise the children from the time they enter the class until we hand them back to you.

We have student assistants to help with the little things so we can focus on the children, the dancing, and  the fun!

Our teachers love and adore the tiny dancers in their lives!