Our all inclusive tuition is based on a yearly figure and divided into 10 equal installments.  This means your payments will be made September-June, regardless of the number of classes...each month is the same budgeted tuition!  Auto pay is a convenient way to have your tuition taken care of monthly!  


All inclusive tuition covers:

Your costume rental for our December Showcase (you will return costume)

June Costume and tights  (You keep costume and tights)


*December show entry is $5 per person or $20 per family.  6 tickets max for this show. 

** June recital tickets will be each families personal responsibility.  You will purchase online through our ticketing company. This is not covered in your tuition. *


All inclusive Tuition:

$62 for 30 minute Classes

$85 for 45 minute classes

$105 for one hour classes (combo classes have 2 costumes for recitals) 


Mommy & Me: $55/month Mommy and me does not typically participate in recitals.  In some cases a class may be ready for the performance and the costume fee will be added separately. 


We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, through our online software.

Online Payments Can be Made at the bottom of your screen! 

Auto pay is available and withdrawn on the 7th of the month.


Max student tuition $280*

*Maximum tuition may require additional payments to cover costumes and will be determined in the winter. Max tuition covers 4 costumes.  Additional costumes will be added to your account in March. 


Family max $310* This is for unique classes, not Multiple classes of same style…ie one combo, one hip hop, one musical theater.  Additional costumes over 5 will require an additional payment to cover that cost. 


Your specific tuition/discounts will be calculated in your studio account! 


Late fee of $10 is charged to accounts past due after the 10th of the month.


There is a $25 registration fee each year for studio students.